Mission & Vision

Van Leeuwen Catering encourages conscious living.

We do this by giving substance in our unique way to social themes such as health, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Based on the idea ‘you are what you eat’, Van Leeuwen Catering provides responsible food and drink at schools for governments and the business community. We do this recognisably and affordably that it is close to the target group. After all, Van Leeuwen Catering believes that we should already take account of future generations. Conscious living is largely about responsible eating and drinking. This a message we like to convey from our services.

The origin of

What started as a dairy company, Van Leeuwen Catering, has grown into a significant caterer. Our focus has been on educational catering since 1993. In 1971, Klaas van Leeuwen drove past houses with delicious fresh products. Joke van Leeuwen took care of the company’s administration. Van Leeuwen Catering now has almost 250 employees and provides a healthy school canteen or restaurant at more than 120 educational institutions. This ‘education catering new style’ created a movement in the education sector: towards responsible eating and drinking at every school!

Hospitable heart
From solid roots, the company has grown into what it is today: a professional company with a warm heart for all its guests. The Dutch trade magazine Misset Catering voted Van Leeuwen Catering the best school caterer of the year. In addition, the ONTDEK-concept secured the honourable title of ‘influential caterer’. Not only at secondary schools but now also at intermediate and higher vocational schools and innovation centres. Being healthy, sustainable and social: catch them young!

zuivelwagen e1594817450658 300x294 - Our company

Dairy wagon, 1971

klaas en joke e1594817265373 300x294 - Our company

Klaas and Joke van Leeuwen

eerste opening e1594817382537 292x300 - Our company

Opening of the first school cafeteria, Veurs Lyceum,
October 1, 1993