Eat well, feel good!

ONTDEK-concept for secondary schools

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for enhancing self-esteem and achieving optimal learning performance. At Van Leeuwen Catering, we deeply understand this significance. That’s why we’ve introduced our ONTDEK concept (meaning ‘DISCOVER’ in English), specifically designed for secondary school cafeterias. Through our program, we aim to empower students to explore and appreciate the delectable and affordable nature of healthy food.

Tempt them to make a responsible choice

With the fresh and recognisable ONTDEK-look and a good price/quality ratio, we tempt students, staff and visitors to make a responsible choice of food. They meet in the ONTDEK-canteen and find a surprising offer at any time of the day. With our concept, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and help prevent obesity. Because of our healthy ONTDEK-concept, Van Leeuwen Catering was named influential caterer by Misset Catering (the magazine for professional caterers)!

Affordable lunch

The growing number of schools opting for our healthy concept shows that this approach works. When promoting a responsible choice, pricing is also important. That is why our healthy and sustainable products are attractively priced. This way, there are no barriers to a responsible choice. ‘Affordability’ is one of the pillars of our concept, which is why our prices are competitive. We also have different promotions every season. In addition, we adapt the range and our services to the client’s wishes. This includes cultural and seasonal products, daily promotions and extended opening hours.

Healthy School Canteen

We are a signatory to the Healthy School Canteen Agreement 2021-2025. We concluded this agreement with the Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht (translation: Young People At A Healthy Weight), the Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (translation: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) and the Voedingscentrum (translation: Nutrition Centre). In addition, we adhere to the Richtlijn Gezondere Eetomgevingen van het Voedingscentrum (translation: Nutrition Centre’s Healthier Eating Environments Directive). This guideline uses products from the Food Wheel. These recommended products contain nutrients such as fibre and vitamins. In this way, we encourage a conscious choice.

ontdek 300x300 - Healthy school canteen
br kip ontdek 300x300 - Healthy school canteen

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