Get to know us

Van Leeuwen Catering is a family business promoting conscious living for twenty-five years. We do this with the help of our hospitable employees on location. Hospitality is of paramount importance to us!

We have developed several innovative catering concepts for education. In this way, we refreshingly give substance to sustainable, healthy and social entrepreneurship. We convey this message through our services. We do this in a pleasant and hospitable way. This is how pupils, employees and guests in our canteens and restaurants are introduced to responsible eating. We do this in a tasty and affordable way that is close to the target group. Read more about our catering concepts for education on our Healthy School Canteen and Vocational Catering pages.

We work with freshly prepared, responsible, artisanal and tasty products at Van Leeuwen Catering. And find it essential that our employees are well trained. That is why we offer courses for employees and internships for students through our VL Academy so that they are always up to date with the latest developments in the field.

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