Making quality concrete

Social and Responsible entrepreneurship

High and stable quality is the basis for successful, healthy catering facilities. In addition, high quality is the foundation of a long-term relationship. Our quality policy starts with a clear mission and vision that gives substance to that. With the products of our concepts ONTDEK (translation: DISCOVER) and FOOD4YOU, we give concrete meaning to healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship. In doing so, we always balance high-quality products and affordability.

INK Quality System
The world is changing rapidly and continuously. Alongside new opportunities, it also generates unexpected threats. To keep our quality up to date, reacting in an alert and flexible way is essential. This is only possible from a clear view of our capabilities and the needs and wishes of the market. We want to be a trendsetter and fulfil the promise of being the healthiest caterer in the Netherlands. This is why we have guaranteed quality through the INK quality management system (Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit, translation: Institute for Dutch Quality).

INK teams
This means we involve employees in our approach and discuss objectives. We put energy into INK teams. These teams consist of our employees who continuously work on quality improvement, and together, they search for the natural causes of wrong or forgotten actions. This is how we teach our people to jointly come to solutions that really stick. With our healthy and sustainable concepts, we ensure standardisation and thus secure the desired results.

Social and sustainable entrepreneur
Van Leeuwen Catering has obtained various certificates in social and sustainable entrepreneurship. For instance, we have been appointed social ambassador of the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg. We also obtained the EFQM for sustainability certificate in September 2016.

Lasting result
The EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) certificate shows that we deliver what we promise in corporate social responsibility. It was a logical next step, as we already work through the INK quality management methodology. The certification perfectly fits our core values of ‘healthy, sustainable and social’. Sustainable development is embedded in our policy and processes through the EFQM model. The core idea is that People, Planet, Profit and Products are in healthy balance.

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